At Direxions, we continuously work on building the know how to turn information into knowledge. Customer data analytics and customer insights provided through transaction and profile data has always been at the core of all the campaigns leading to high response rates and high returns on marketing campaigns costs.

Positively managed, your data is a powerful tool that can help generate incisive insights into your customers' choices, opinions and preferences. Our Advanced Analytics team can manage, enrich and enhance your data, transforming it into actionable points that deliver ROI.

Profiling, segmentation, conversion models, predictive modelling, response analysis …these are just a few of the concepts we use to create a single customer view based on data taken from all your customer touch-points. The end result is a suite of solutions that deliver highly relevant and engaging content and offers, creatively rendered for maximum impact.

We believe in the power of insights that can be unlocked from customer and transaction data. Our analytic solutions cover customer, loyalty, retail, campaign and channel analytics.