Driving Sales amongst members during EOSS:

In retail, companies face intense competition and respond by hiking discounts and attempting to make 'never before' offers. And the temptation to do is always high.

Focussing on simply logical customer segmentation, supported by personalized communication was our mantra for our client Allen Solly. Looking at the upcoming EOSS ( End of Seasons Sale), we looked at three distinct timing opportunities – pre, during and after EOSS. Timing an offer for when a customer is receptive to one is a critical aspect of relevancy. There's nothing like striking when the iron is hot.

We looked at customer segments as simple as:

  • Frequently shopped at EOSS
  • First time EOSS shopper
  • Strictly Non-EOSS shoppers
  • Inactive members

Our communication strategy was to target specific clusters at specific timings and it worked! Relevancy and timing has never been more relevant. It can improve campaign response rates, gain wallet share and win back dormant customers