Van Heusen, has been officially declared as the Winner in the Category "Retail Sector – Single / Specialty Format at the 8th Loyalty Summit that took place on February 4th, 2015, honoring groundbreaking innovations in loyalty programs that are designed to enhance the consumer experience.

Our client
Bimalendu Tarafdar
from Van Heusen at the
8th Loyalty Summit 2015

"This award in particular is a huge honor because we take great pride in our partnership with Van Heusen." commented Leena Basrur, Chairman and Managing Director- Direxions. "This award is a true testament to our passion and commitment to harnessing customer insights to design campaigns that deliver a great customer brand connect and ROI. This is confirmation of how important it is to remain focused on our customers. "

Leena Basrur
Executive Chairman