Looping in members prior to EOSS:

For any Retail Brand, EOSS (End of Seasons Sale) is a very big opportunity to engage with walk- ins, attract new customers and engage deeper and wider with members. The return on investment is very palpable when the effort is focused on program members who are engaged with the brand.

Customer centric companies are measuring customers' preferences and personalising relevancy as a differentiator in the battle of walletshare. Discerning customers are increasingly evaluating offers on one criterion: What's in it for me? And this in turn is calling upon brands to raise the bar on offer- making. More so, at critical opportunities like EOSS, when the retail wars are at their peak. Customers and program members look forward to being wooed by discounts and offers.

We created a retail experience for Levi's TM Loop members to redeem their Loop points in May and December, prior to the EOSS.

We created small but very effective nudges that prompted members to come to the Levis' stores and redeem their Loop points.

  • Top up of Loop Points that acted as a sure incentive as theses top up points had an expiry of a month
  • Personalised emailers and reminder sms that were not intrusive but engaging and mindful. The emailers suggested Levi's Products based on the Loop Points Balance in a member's account and based on their past transactions
  • The member base was segmented into Men, Women and Unisex

In December 2012, the personalized emailers had a 15% open rate and the campaign performed exceptionally well, confirming our belief that relevant personalized communication at the right time works.