We are a specialist rewards company helping clients deliver rewarding experiences to their customers, channel partners, employees, and other stakeholders.

With decades of experience, detailed planning, audience insights, and established networks of partners, we usually get it spot-on.

Most people join a loyalty program to be rewarded. However, the success of the program depends on the aspirational nature and relevance of the rewards to the programme members. This is why, getting your rewards strategy right is as important as the other elements of the program construct.

At Red Box Rewards, we bring you decades of experience in rewards management for some of India's largest loyalty programmes. Our catalogue specialists will work with you and build an effective, targeted and achievable rewards list that will make your members feel happy and appreciated. We also customize holidays and products so that your programme members have a unique experience that they will cherish.

Whether it is a wallet or a world tour, we will gift wrap a delightful experience through seamless redemptions, anywhere in the country.